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INTEGRA Engineering India Limited (IEIL) is a subsidiary of INTEGRA Holding AG, Switzerland.

Integra Holding AG is a Swiss financial holding company with shareholdings in markets across the world.

Integra Engineering India Limited (IEIL) provides a versatile solution for modern hi-tech industrial applications. We are robust, compact & flexible in our work and our product ranges offer utmost safety.

Integra Engineering India Limited (IEIL) takes great pride and interest in offering a variety of engineering solutions for machining as well as sheet metal fabrication work for the power sector and transport sectors such as Power Converter, Traction Converter, Auxiliary Converters, Switching Devices, etc.

The current Integra portfolio comprises participation in real estate, flow metering and energy measuring technology, life science laboratory equipment technologies, road signing and marking solutions, as well as in mechanical and electrical engineering.

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Our enclosers are a class apart and we are one of the best enclosure manufacturers in India!

IPanel is a panel enclosure and the outcome of careful designing and development by Integra’s well-versed team. It has been made available in a wide range of sizes with a number of applications. Industries from the electrical sector, instrumentation sector, automation sector, telecommunication sector and many more get largely benefited by using IPanel. We, as one of the best enclosure manufacturer in India, meet the relevant standards of quality, performance, safety, and environment.

These are ideally suited for control/power distribution, automation & industrial control panels.

IPanel has been developed strategically to fulfil the requirements of an industrial enclosure. The design offers both, flexibility as well as modularity in mounting and assembly. All our products are certified and tested to meet the industry standards.

Integra Engineering India Limited has executed important Panel Interlocking, Route Relay interlocking and Audio Frequency Track Circuit projects in the Indian Railways. We also have worked for the supply of various solutions like domino panels, AFTCs, individual and group relay directly to the controller of stores, Indian Railways and Konkan Railways.

We are also reputed in the business of panel manufacturing!

Control panel manufacturing is a tedious and important process. It is time-consuming to accurately produce an electrical control panel to order. We have been reputed as a successful control panel manufacturer as we have a flexible process that allows you to produce swiftly and accurately. Our team of experienced staff, great software and automated production equipment help us a lot in reaching our aims.

Integra Holding's main shareholder is a foundation under Swiss law. Its foremost objective is to support innovative companies by co-financing future-oriented, new developments.

INTEGRA Engineering India Limited (IEIL) has carved a niche in the market for providing good quality service. We are the company that follows business ethics to complete our aim to provide client satisfaction and have also earned a remarkable reputation in the markets. INTEGRA Engineering India Limited is an imperative fragment of INTEGRA Holding AG, Switzerland, having an extensive range of products, and a huge turnover.

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  • 21 Nov, 2016
  • Water Jet Cutting Machine - Offer for Sale
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