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Railway Control System

Erstwhile Integra Hindustan Control Limited, INTEGRA is supplying a number of products related to Railway Control Systems for more than two decades now

Metal to Metal carbon relays, Railway signalling, have been INTEGRA’s major supply to Indian Railways and its contractors.

Being RDSO approved supplier, the reliability and quality standards of INTEGRA’s products are unquestionable.

Railway Panels

IEIL introduced Metal-to-Metal TM type signaling Relays in 1987 for the Indian Railways. With the technical collaboration with Integra Holding AG, Switzerland, IEIL ensured fail safe solutions for the passage of trains through interlocking functions thereby replacing the old technology of mechanical lever frames.

IEIL is an ISO 9001:20 Certified company and is an approved vendor for metal-to-metal TM type relays, as per IRS specifications, at Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) Lucknow.

IEIL has executed important Panel Interlocking and Route Relay interlocking Audio Frequency Track Circuit (AFTC) projects in the Indian Railways and supplies various solutions like domino panels, AFTCs, and individual and group relays directly to the controller of stores, Indian Railways, and Konkan Railways. We are also executing export orders for our relays as well.


  • Neutral Relay​
  • Interlock Relay
  • Lamp Proving Relay​
  • Special type Relay​
  • Key Lock Relay​

Pre-wired Groups

  • 2 Aspect LED Signal Group
  • 3 Aspect LED Signal Group
  • 4 Aspect LED Signal Group
  • Auto Signal Block Proving and Release Group
  • Shunt Signal LED Group
  • Route Group
  • Point Group
  • Point Group PI
  • Point Group RRI
  • Point Contactor Unit

The TM type INTEGRA Relays has been designed to meet the basic conditions of Railway Signalling Safety Requirements as mentioned below :

  • Any one front contact closed proves all back contacts open
  • Any one back contact closed proves all front contacts open
  • TM Type safety relays have been designed to fulfill the recommended requirements of IRS S-46, IRS : S-34 and IRS: S-23 as applicable
  • All front and back contacts of the relay are Metal to Metal
  • All the fixed contacts of our relays are twin contacts which enhance further safety level thus reduce the probability of contact failure to one thousandth of a comparable single contact.
  • Plug-in type Relays
  • Various contact configuration of Relays (i.e. 5F/3B, 6F/2B, 4F/4B etc.)
  • We are RDSO Approved vendor for this relays and it confirms specification British Railways Specification (BRS), British Standard (BS), Indian Standard (IS), Indian Railway Standard (IRS) , of modular plug-in design, the relays are secured in their mating plug boards by a retaining clip.
  • The relays covered in this specification is for use of railway signaling purpose. This is a DC Neutral line relays designed for typical functions like repeater, control and indication.
  • Interlocking of the relay and plugboard is achieved by a pin code registration system which ensures that only those relays having the same pin code as the plugboard can be interchanged.
  • The contact arrangement for each relay is as specified in the relevant BR standard and up to 16 pairs of contacts can be accommodated in the same housing, with front contacts being normally open and back contacts normally closed.
  • Contact pairs typically consist of a domed silver tip, mating with a flat, silver/ carbon tip and all contacts are rated in accordance with the appropriate BR specification.


  • INTEGRA LED Signals designed to offer higher luminous efficiency, reliability and lower operating costs for Railway applications.
  • UV Stabilized lense to meet outdoor applications
  • Unit comply to IP-65
  • Current regulator is Built In
  • RDSO Approved as per Specification no. RDSO/SPN/199/2010 Rev. 1.1
  • LED Signal Lighting Units is visible to a driver stopping at the foot of the signal.
  • UV Stabilized lense to meet outdoor applications
  • Compatible with Electronic and Relay Interlocking
  • Comply with the general and technical requirements of LED signal units for railway signaling application in RE, NON-RE, METRO & MONO RAIL installations.
  • Minimum visibility distance of 600 Meter (In clear daylight with peak sunrays at rated voltage).

Fuse Auto Changeover System

Fuse Auto Changeover Systems continuously monitor various fuses provided in Railway Signaling Installations. The System not only monitors the fuses, but also changeover to a Spare Fuse (provided within the system) automatically on failure of the Main Fuse. The system simultaneously monitors the status of both the Main and the Spare fuse and provides audio / visual alarm on failure of any fuse.

Types of FACS Module

  • Type I - Module Consist of 32 fuses of 0.6 Amp, 1.6 Amp, 4 Amp (G Type Fuse)
  • Type II - Module Consist of 24 fuses of 4 Amp to 10 Amp (G Type Fuse)


  • The module has arrangement for fuses of 4U spaces vertically in a standard 19 inch rack
  • System operates with N+2 wires
  • Continuously monitoring the status of both Main and Spare fuse
  • Automatically changeover to a Spare Fuse on failure of the Main Fuse in less than 20 msec
  • Current drain from the main system is very low
  • Provides audio/visual alarm on failure of any fuse
  • Push button to test whether all indications are working
  • The audio alarm is resettable by push button
  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC or 60VDC or 110V AC
  • Fuses confirming IEC-127
  • Each PCB coated with Acrylic coating which prevents components from moisture

INTEGRA provides Contract manufacturing of Wire Harnesses to various OEMs as per their requirement, We have a complete in house facility to fulfil variety of customer requirements.

We have special tools and fixtures( Crimping machine, Wire cutting machine ) for special-purpose wire harnesses.