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IEIL has strategically positioned itself to be a leading Manufacturing company with Global acceptance through innovative & indigenously developed Technology in Transportation, Power & Utilities sector. Apart from being market leader in various product categories, we also help engineering manufacturing companies benefit from our core competence of manufacturing expertise by providing them outsourcing solutions and contract manufacturing.

IEIL's Contract Manufacturing Services provide world-class solutions for high volume electromechanical assemblies, complex mechanical assemblies, high-level assemblies (HLA) and moreā€¦.

We are helping various engineering companies by manufacturing their high end products like electro-mechanical relays for power sectors, secondary cores, complete wiring plates for breakers, assembly of motor drive systems et al. As a result, our clients do not have to maintain manufacturing facilities in line with growing targets, handle purchase of raw materials or hire labor in order to produce the finished goods, thereby maximizing their growth, profits and valuation.

  • We guarantee Zero Defects quality, on-time delivery, minimum price fluctuations and strong protection of your intellectual property.
  • We help you with quality planning, trainings and planning for reliability .
  • We also support re-engineering and CAD activities at minimal cost.

Are you seeking a contract manufacturer to supplement in-house capacity, require special value-added services, or your strategic plans call for outsourcing ? IEIL can help!

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