Fuse Auto Change Over System

Fuse Auto Changeover Systems continuously monitor various fuses provided in Railway Signalling Installations. The System not only monitors the fuses, but also changeover to a Spare Fuse (provided within the system) automatically on failure of the Main Fuse. The system simultaneously monitors the status of both the Main and the Spare fuse and provides audio / visual alarm on failure of any fuse.

INTEGRA has developed fuse auto changeover system as per RDSO Specification No. RDSO/SPN/209/2012 Rev 2.0

  • Type I Module with 32 nos. of G type Fuse from 0.6 Amp to 4 Amp Capacities
  • Type II Module with 24 nos. of G type Fuse from 4 Amp to 10 Amp Capacities