Railway Control Systems

Fuse auto change over system

Fuse Auto Changeover Systems continuously monitor various fuses provided in Railway Signaling Installations. The System not only monitors the fuses, but also changeover to a Spare Fuse (provided within the system) automatically on failure of the Main Fuse. The system simultaneously monitors the status of both the Main and the Spare fuse and provides audio / visual alarm on failure of any fuse.

Types of FACS Module:

  • Type I - Module Consist of 32 fuses of 0.6 Amp, 1.6 Amp, 4 Amp (G Type Fuse)
  • Type II - Module Consist of 24 fuses of 4 Amp to 10 Amp (G Type Fuse)


  • The module has arrangement for fuses of 4U spaces vertically in a standard 19 inch rack
  • System operates with N+2 wires
  • Continuously monitoring the status of both Main and Spare fuse
  • Automatically changeover to a Spare Fuse on failure of the Main Fuse in less than 20 msec
  • Current drain from the main system is very low
  • Provides audio/visual alarm on failure of any fuse
  • Push button to test whether all indications are working
  • The audio alarm is resettable by push button
  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC or 60VDC or 110V AC
  • Fuses confirming IEC-127
  • Each PCB coated with Acrylic coating which prevents components from moisture
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