Railway Control Systems

Metal to Carbon Relay

  • The relays covered in this specification is for use of railway signaling purpose. This is a DC Neutral line relays designed for typical functions like repeater, control and indication.
  • This relay confirms specification BRB 930.Of modular plug-in design, the relays are secured in their mating plug boards by a retaining clip.
  • Interlocking of the relay and plugboard is achieved by a pin code registration system which ensures that only those relays having the same pin code as the plugboard can be interchanged.
  • The contact arrangement for each relay is as specified in the relevant BR standard and up to 16 pairs of contacts can be accommodated in the same housing, with front contacts being normally open and back contacts normally closed.
  • Contact pairs typically consist of a domed silver tip, mating with a flat, silver/ carbon tip and all contacts are rated in accordance with the appropriate BR specification.
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