Railway Control Systems

Metal to Metal Relay

The TM type INTEGRA Relays has been designed to meet the basic conditions of Railway Signalling Safety Requirements as mentioned below :

  • Any one front contact closed proves all back contacts open
  • Any one back contact closed proves all front contacts open
  • TM Type safety relays have been designed to fulfill the recommended requirements of IRS S-46, IRS : S-34 and IRS: S-23 as applicable.
  • All front and back contacts of the relay are Metal to Metal.
  • All the fixed contacts of our relays are twin contacts which enhance further safety level thus reduce the probability of contact failure to one thousandth of a comparable single contact.
  • Plug-in type Relays
  • Various contact configuration of Relays (i.e. 5F/3B, 6F/2B, 4F/4B etc.)
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